Nexxera Institute

Our vision

The Instituto Nexxera is the product of Group Nexxera's commitment with the social environmental responsibility and the founders' belief that the company must integrate with the surrounding community, producing opportunities.

Founded in 2003, the Instituto Nexxera s upheld through private corporate investment derived from the Grupo Nexxera  to develop social programs in a planned and continued manner targeted toward the socially vulnerable population of Grande Florianópolis. In addition to the external public service, it develops programs to employees of the Group, such as volunteer program, the  Voluntários Nexx.

Vision: to be the benchmark in the community and in other relationship audiences of the Grupo Nexxera  in the execution of projects, promoting social, environmental, and economic development.

Mission: to promote to the community and to other relationship audiences of the Grupo Nexxera  projects that enable social inclusion and sustainable development.


The greatest objective of Instituto Nexxera is to promote social environmental, educational, sports, and cultural projects to the community and other relationship audiences of the Grupo Nexxera  , creating the opportunity to practice citizenship and the improvement in the quality of life, in addition to contributing to a more socially inclusive and sustainable world.

The Instituto Nexxera plans and executes their programs and projects with political and religious neutrality by not supporting any political party or religious institution.


  • Ethical and egalitarian relations
  • Dialog and Transparency
  • Credibility
  • Responsibility and Commitment Respect
  • Sustainability

Where we work

We focus our work on projects and campaigns that provide professional qualification, access to sports and support to culture.

  • Social Environmental

    We constantly provide to the employees of the Grupo Nexxera moments of being in touch with nature. Besides cultivating a small organic garden, we assign environmental responsibility in several programs and projects.

  • Educational

    We elaborate projects of professional qualification to all ages. The intent is to insert, re-establish, and maintain people in the job market, contributing to the social transformation, to equal opportunity rights and the quality of life.

  • Cultural

    There is a lot of talent hidden around. With the cultural workshops, we provide moments for children and teenagers to be able to manifest themselves artistically.

Our Projects